2019 봄
曺 端
Camino de Santiago day 26, Santa Maria 성당
2017.6 중림동
Camino de Santiago, day 26, 전시되어 있는 기적이 일어난 성배 (O Cebreiro 1,330m 왕립 Santa Maria 성당), It is here where many pilgrims flock to discover the village that experienced the Miracle of the Eucharist, or the legend of the Holy Grail of Galicia, for themselves. It is widely believed that around the year 1300, a man named Juan Santin was such a devout Christian that he never missed mass for anything. One day, a fierce storm ravaged the village, and the priest assumed that no one would turn up. When Juan entered, the priest was surprised and made fun of him by saying that it was not worth braving the storm just for a little bread and wine. The legend continues that to punish the priest for his words and lack of faith, God turned the bread and wine into real flesh and blood.