Mesmerizing Numbness 20070603
Gothenburg Gothenburg - Sweden misty harbor 2012. 1. 18
채석강 Raphael 17개월째 처음 만나는 바다
Hong Kong Day #1 ..
Hong Kong Harbour-scape #2 Small opening to a strange world. good to have ye ol' pals. so relieved to be alone.
Hong Kong Harbour-scape #1 Sweet salty wind gently caressing your hair breezy deck full of fresh jasmine smell
Hong Kong Night #3 Waiting in line. looking through windowpane. Walking around strange alleyway. Finding shelter in the foreign city. Never being lonely. Maybe.
Hong Kong Night #2 Rainy Night Lovers. On the way to Ned Kelly's Last Stand Hong Kong. Feverish Night.
Hong Kong Night humidity sky-rocketing, people bustling. Double Deckers rumbling. ..Just strolling 'round.
Bar M&N Photo by Assistant Manager Mr. Kim Cropped and Manupulated by Mr. Shin Confiscated, Contorted, Cremated.
Vicky 20080911 Happy 추석.
Closer.. Copenhagen. 2008. 06. 14
Kopenhagen Street Blues .. Hasselblad H3DII-31 HC 3.5/35mm
Copenhagen ..
제주도 ..
Andie on the Wine Cellar #2 ..
충무로 ..